Our Mission

Brooklyn Defender Services is a public defense office whose mission is to provide outstanding representation and advocacy free of cost to people facing loss of freedom, family separation and other serious legal harms by the government. We believe in a client-centered approach and work, in and out of court, to uphold the rights, freedom and dignity of people threatened by unjust, racist and harmful legal systems.

A community member smiling and showing an attorney a photo on his phone in a Brooklyn Defenders office.

Our Team

With support from our Board of Directors, BDS’ leadership team utilizes decades of expertise in public defense and organizational management to the success of Brooklyn Defender Services. Our staff, consisting of attorneys, social workers, paralegals, administrative professions, investigators work collaboratively on each case.

Two attorneys speaking collaboratively on a bench in Brooklyn, New York.

Our Approach

Brooklyn Defenders works, in and out of court, to protect and uphold the rights of individuals, and to change laws and systems that perpetuate injustice and inequality. We defend, advocate, and change.

Our Work

BDS is both a law firm and a community-based non-profit. Like most law firms, BDS is configured into practice areas.

Our Partners

Brooklyn Defenders partners with foundations, pro bono lawyers, educational institutions, and other organizations to leverage resources and expertise in furtherance of our mission to provide a complete defense to each of our clients.

BDS worked with


clients in 2020.


of these clients were accused of a crime, facing loss of liberty, their home, their children, or deportation.

Support Our Work

Your contribution to BDS ensures that every individual and family we serve receives a full range of social and advocacy support alongside high-quality legal representation.

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